Coronavirus - COVID-19

Our newly formed group of consulting companies that we are part of has established a specialised workgroup, which coordinates professional assistance for clients of the entire group in resolving legal, personnel, tax, accounting, payroll, valuation, auditing, financial and other economic issues relating to the situation caused by COVID-19. The role of the COVID 19 GT TASK FORCE is to centralize the entire consulting capacity of our group (more than 300 experts) for sharing information, instructions, procedures and solutions for all needs of the clients.  

The workgroup will primarily be available for all partners of the group, so that the partners and managers of the group would have all the current necessary information and instructions at hand. Communication with clients regarding issues related to COVID-19 will continue to be provided by all partners and managers.  In case the clients need to, it is possible for them to turn directly to members of this group as well. The COVID-19 workgroup includes the following experienced partners, who cover the below-mentioned areas: 

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