Legal Entities

We consider corporate income tax together with VAT as the most important taxes paid by business companies with which the biggest risks arise.

To calculate this tax, the key aspect is the accounting representation of company economic activities, and it almost always applies that if accounting is not correct, the income tax will not be correct either. For our work in this area, we put together tax consultants, accounting specialists and auditors to find appropriate and correct solutions.

Provided services:

  • calculations of monthly and quarterly estimates of the current corporate income tax
  • calculations and preparation of corporate income tax returns, including assistance in the preparation of source data
  • calculations of tax deductions and tax adjustments
  • calculation of deferred tax payable or receivable
  • preparation of tax returns
  • consultancy during current company operation
  • tax audit
  • tax reporting
  • analysis of tax effectiveness of companies and optimisation of company structures
  • assistance and consultancy during the preparation of applications for investment incentives
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