Cars and Real Property

They are not important, the costs of their maintenance may exceed their amount, but in spite of that their payers are obligated to pay and monitor their development. These are:

  • road tax
  • tax on acquisition of immovable property (till 31/12/2013 real estate transfer tax)
  • tax on immovable property (till 31/12/2013 real estate tax)

Road tax

Who is a payer of road tax on vehicles acquired under leasing? Do you know that entrepreneurs have to pay tax if their employees use their own vehicles for business travels?

Tax on acquisition of immovable property

It is a completely new tax with effect from 01/01/2014, which replaced real estate transfer tax. The introduction of this new tax reacts to the re-codification and experience gained in the past. Did you know, for example, that now a payer of tax might also be its acquirer? That way you will avoid tax warranty. The base of the tax is the value of the real property including VAT. Do you know that it is not necessary to attach an expert appraisal to a tax return? Are you thinking of buying a new house? The transfer of the house will probably be exempt from this tax.

Tax on immovable property

It is the former real estate tax which has been significantly changed in relation to the re-codification, including its new name. Newly, for example, taxable buildings are defined in connection with the Land Registration Act, a railway siding is subject to land tax, the tax rate on manufacturing and warehousing premises with several floors in only a part of the built-up area has been changed, or a new approach is applied to the tax base of units and land plots used together with them.

Our services

  • calculation or annual review of tax
  • notification of regular advance payments and their changes
  • preparation of tax returns
  • assistance with the optimisation of administrative work associated with the fulfilment of tax duties

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