Payroll Accounting

Payroll accounting is an absolutely necessary activity which needs to be done regularly by any company. Therefore it may be very demanding for a company. Our professional services help our clients reduce costs effectively, and allow them to focus on their principal business activities. We also help them ensure confidentiality of the information concerning the remuneration of individual employees and solve the problem of deputisation of the payroll accountant. Thanks to our specialisation, we are familiarized with the latest regulations and laws, and therefore we are able to promptly react to any legislative changes.

Payroll accounting primarily includes the following activities:

  • comprehensive payroll accounting and keeping human resource records (both for Czech and foreign employees)
  • ensuring legal obligations related to the commencement and termination of employment (registration with and deregistration from the competent authorities) 
  • execution of all direct transfers, payments of salaries and levies on behalf of the client 
  • closing annual payroll accounts – settlement of employees' advances, closing company's accounts, etc. 
  • archiving of selected payroll data, records and reports in accordance with the requirements of the effective legislation of the Czech Republic 
  • representation during inspections carried out by competent authorities (predominantly the Tax Office, health insurance companies, Czech Social Security Administration) 
  • payroll and human resource consultancy
  • option of strict confidentiality of individual salaries
  • guarantee of deputisation
  • reporting of payroll costs as required by the company management, source data for decisions of managers
  • preparation of reports for statistical purposes

Payroll and human resource consultancy

  • preparation of all documents required under the Czech labour-law regulations
  • consultancy regarding the preparation of internal guidelines
  • consultancy related to the establishment of an employer – employment of the first employee (keeping records, employer's registrations, occupational health and safety, occupational health service)
  • consultancy focused on employee benefits
  • consultancy relating to posting employees outside the Czech Republic and employment of foreign workers

Preparation of salaries for managers

  • preparation of salaries for managers only – salaries of other employees will be prepared by the internal Payroll Department
  • strict confidentiality of managers' salaries

Payroll audit

  • checks focused on the accuracy of keeping the payroll records
  • we will discover potential errors and eliminate any back payments and penalties in relation to obligatory payments to government institutions
  • we will discover potential errors in the payment of salaries
  • analysis of internal processes

Our experts in the field

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