Financial accounting is an absolutely necessary secondary activity which needs to be done regularly even by the smallest business. It is not a quite easy task for such companies, as they need trained staff, equipment, premises. If you outsource your financial accounting to an external company, the associated costs will be significantly lower.

With outsourcing your financial accounting, you can save costs for remuneration and insurance of your own employees, their education, purchase of hardware and software required for financial accounting.

If you outsource your accounting, you will have time and space to devote to your main business activities, as well as to your current and potential clients and customers. Concentrate on the things you know (on your main activity) and leave the care of your accounting to us. Apart from accounting, we can offer you our managerial skills for the organization and circulation of documents, or our expertise in the form of a virtual director of finance.

Other advantages of outsourcing:

  • Proper bookkeeping, including evaluation of individual accounting cases with respect to income tax and value added tax
  • Decrease of risk – any potential risks established during bookkeeping are solved immediately both in view of accounting and tax. If you outsource services, you will reduce the risk of sanctions for not keeping to the procedures determined by law
  • Sufficient number of experienced accountants speaking foreign languages - deputisation during periods of leave or illness
  • Professional supervision carried out by supplier's managers (four eyes principle), specialization, knowledge of recent regulations and laws, ability to respond immediately to legislative changes
  • Qualified representation in inspections performed by administrative authorities
  • Preparedness for electronic communication (certified signatures)
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