COVID-19 and form A4

23. March 2020
COVID-19 and form A4

In connection with the spreading of COVID-19 disease, the Czech Social Security Administration has issued a statement for migrating persons, who cannot perform their activity on the territory of another member state at present, due to the limitation of free movement.

The Czech Social Security Administration states that the current measures put in place in order to prevent the spreading of the virus are not a relevant change of circumstances that would justify a change of country of insurance. Migrating persons and their employers are not obliged to announce a temporary change of situation to the respective social security administration or return an already issued confirmation of pertaining to Czech social security legislation (the A1 form), if they wish to resume their activity in the given member state after the limitation of free movement has ended. The above applies to employees as well as to self-employed persons.

According to the information from the Czech Social Security Administration, similar conditions probably apply in the surroundings countries, too. 

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