Annual tax settlement

12. February 2019

An annual tax settlement for the year 2018 (“ATS”) will be performed by an employer for an employee, who:

  • has signed a Declaration of the taxpayer liable to personal income tax
  • is not obliged to submit an income tax return
  • has requested that the ATS be performed before 15 February 2019

The duty to submit a separate annual tax return applies mainly to the following employees:

  • those, whose annual income exceeded CZK 1,438,992 (for the year 2018), which is the limit for a solidary tax increase
  • those, who have income from employment, if it comes from several employers at the same time (and they are subject to monthly tax prepayments, not final withholding tax)
  • those with other income higher than CZK 6,000, which is not exempt from taxation or not subject to final withholding tax, for example from self-employment, rent, capital income or other income

Together with the request for ATS, the employee should mainly substantiate the following attachments:

  • confirmations of taxable income from all previous employers, where the taxpayer was employed in the year 2018, and possibly the information about his activity before taking up work at the last employer, for example a document proving registration at the Labour Office
  • documents proving entitlement to the requested tax credits or tax base deductions

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