Fučík & partneři, s. r. o. has been active in the field of taxation, accounting, audit and other consulting for a long time. In that time we realized that this field became very insidious towards citizens as well as companies. This field is very live in the world and for the Czech Republic it is still very new. And not only us are discovering new issues in this sector. Inexperience and seeking of the correct solutions lead to frequent, but necessary changes in Acts. Unfortunately due to the scope and frequency of legislative changes, this field is becoming a very demanding, complicated and confused issue, where the yesterday’s facts can substantially differ from today’s facts.

Fučík & partneři, s. r. o. is aware of this problem. We cooperate with various media specialized in economy on the current news which perfectly and timely map the immediate changes in legislation or possibly those planned for future. Our people, the best professionals in the field, thoroughly discuss these topics and attempt that each client finds the information they need and that they understand their situation clearly or possibly that they can ask about the particular problem on which they have read in our news or specialized articles.

Among other things, Fučík & partneři, s. r. o. also strives for a wider publication activity. Despite the fact that our surroundings keep changing, we invest our knowledge into books where we discuss complicated problems that require an extensive analysis and research.

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