Our values

Our Vision

By advisory, we support business, and thus help create welfare for everyone, as well as prosperity, happiness and harmony; together, our possibilities are limitless.

Our Values

Doing business is an activity that contributes to development of our society. Businessmen execute their visions, aims, plans, dreams, ideas. To the society, they bring jobs, food, they produce goods, create tangible assets and represent the driving force of development. Businessmen represent the spice of the society. To the society, they bring ideas, initiative, joy from what they have achieved. By their attitude to life, they help develop the society, and well, not least, they fill the state treasury by paying taxes from their business.
Life is getting ever more fast and complex. The states make up new rules, new laws, new taxes, ever more complex and ever faster. Finding a way in them and assisting the businessmen during their journey of business life is our task and mission.

We hear our client’s wishes and requirements

We are responsible for our advisory and you for your decisions. You are making your future in business right now by your decisions. We will advise you to that your future is as bright as it can be.

We hear requirements of our clients and we listen to their words. We wish to understand what we do, we wish to seek and discover the best solutions.

Right now, you are making decisions that affect your future. When advising someone, you must begin by feeling what they feel, by stepping in their shoes. If you can feel precisely what they feel when making their decisions, you can provide advice of priceless value.

Many people look for the best advisory on the basis of what theoretical and practical knowledge they have. Fewer people consciously select their tax advisors on the basis of their feeling, whether the advisor is able to feel their way of thinking and whether such advisor is able to perceive their requirements, wishes, feelings and to understand and appreciate how they make their decisions. The advisor must understand that the client’s decision will also affect their future. At least their business future. By sharing the present moment with the advisor, a moment when the decision is being made, affects the client’s future. Such situation means a commitment and also a chance to contribute to the prosperity and satisfaction of the client.

Everybody makes their future by their actions, by their decisions in the given moment. You can do such decisions on your own, you can do them with someone, and you can also consult them with an advisor. This is precisely our role. To understand your needs, interests and aims, to advise you and to provide you with services leading to fulfillment of your visions.

Stop loving the fruits of your work, start loving your work and the fruits will come on their own

Everyone wants to be happy. Do what you like, and leave what you do not like to us. Make you and us happy. When you stop loving the fruits of your work and start loving your work the fruits of your work will come on their own; this ancient wisdom applies also today. If you follow such motto too, you will see the fruits come. We like doing taxes, accounting, audit and advisory. It gives us joy. We have met in an advisory firm because we consider this work our mission.

We are a guide at the journey of your business

Regulation of business by the state is getting more and more complex, and finding your way in it requires experts. We have such experts in our team. And they will gladly help you, the businessmen. Following changes in tax and other legislation is demanding, exhausting, but necessary. We like doing that, it gives us joy; we want to find our way in it, as it gives us our living. You need not worry; we will worry instead of you. If you wish to try, or our electronic bi-weekly bulleting Financial management. It is free!


We treat everyone (clients, suppliers, each other) with love, humility, respect and honour. We search for the strong side in each of us and we strive to praise them and support them. We wish to help, serve, listen, educate and share, with our environment, all kindness, humility, love, peace and calmness.

Everything is connected to everything, nothing is stable and everything changes

We perceive our freedom, independence and along with that we understand we form a part of the society. We know we are connected to everyone and everything. We know nothing is stable and everything keeps changing. Every cause has got many effects and each effect has got its cause. We know that by our thoughts, words actions and decisions we affect our environment, our presence, and our future.

We work on ourselves

We want to develop, we know that if we get better, we will be able to better help and serve the others. We share among each other our knowledge, skills, experience and we keep learning.

Our Mission

To build a successful alternative for smaller, medium sized and large businesses to the large international advisory companies for buying (one stop shopping) of advisory services in cooperation and with synergies from foreign partners. To create a well known and respected brand of quality and image. We wish to advise those, who wish to take advice from us. To businessmen, we provide valuable advisory services and expert advice to improve their businesses.

Our motto

„There is nothing dishonest about arranging your affairs so that the taxes are paid in the lowest possible extent. Everyone does so, whether rich or poor, and they do so rightly. No one is obliged to pay more than required by the law; The taxes are enforced fees, not gratuities! “

~ a verdict of a US court of law

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