We established our company in 1995. Since the beginning we have been offering consulting services, audit, tax consulting, payroll and accounting services. Our practice started by providing tax returns to small entrepreneurs and 4 bigger clients, 3 of which we take care of until today, that is for more than 15 years. This was our starting line. At that time an auditor, a tax adviser, and an accountant working part-time created the office. We have started out from nothing – but without loans and debts. With just one computer, then two, one fax machine and a small office. Nevertheless, we have always seen the basis in growth. Since 1995 we were growing, gradually and in a stable way. We have always provided our consulting in foreign languages (German, English, Russian). During the years new clients as well as new colleagues came, we increased the turnover, we moved to bigger offices. We grew and we are growing together with our clients. They themselves contributed to our growth and now keep contributing by giving references to other clients. References make the best advertising.

We have assisted to a large number of our foreign clients since the moment their company was established in the Czech Republic. And then it becomes a routine, establish a company, start bookkeeping, register employees, tax consulting, tax returns. The issues that the foreign companies had and have are very similar.

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