About Us

Since 1995 Fučík & partneři, s.r.o. (formerly Fučík & Fučíková a partneři, s.r.o. ) has helped nurture the development of its clients’ business activities. The company’s combined knowledge, skill and experience in all areas of consultancy, accountancy and taxation have been the foundation of its success over the years and are its greatest asset today.

The basis and priority of our consulting activity is the joining of our knowledge, skills and experience in accounting, taxes, audit and business consulting.


We are a consulting company that has been helping its clients develop their activities in the fields of accounting, payroll, taxes, audit and business consulting for 20 years. Besides the usual processing of accounting documents and payroll, compilation of both corporate and individual income tax returns and value added tax returns etc. we focus on a variety of projects which your business life offers. We believe that our services are going to allow you to focus on your core business.


There is plenty of occasions to address a consulting company. We at least list some of the cases where we are glad to help:

  • Are you a CFO and do you need help with financial analysis or interpretation of items within financial statements, including information and experience about their commonality on the market?
  • Are you an investor and do you need to check accounting and tax risks of a potential acquisition target or help with its finding and addressing?
  • Are you a minor shareholder and are you interested in an independent expert’s opinion on the final accounts?
  • Has the tax office announced you a control and do you need the assistance of an experienced tax advisor?
  • Has your company met the criteria for statutory audit or mandatory consolidation?
  • Are you about to set up a new company?
  • Do you feel that the internal control processes are not working properly?
  • Are you not sure that you follow all legal requirements of Czech legislation?
  • Is your parent company abroad and requires specific reports or conversion of accounting data into other legislation?
  • Do you need to train your accounting department?


There is a wide range of consulting companies, what is the reason to work with us? We are able to provide comprehensive and flexible advisory at a very high level. We want our clients to get all the necessary services in one place and from experts who are constantly working on themselves, are educated and have an overview of current events. We are responsible for our advice, you are for your decision. We perceive the wishes and requirements of our clients. We want to be there with you.

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