Our Vision

Our Vision

By advisory, we support business, and thus help create welfare for everyone, as well as prosperity, happiness and harmony; together, our possibilities are limitless.

We Listen to our Clients‘ Wishes and Requirements

We Listen to our Clients‘ Wishes and Requirements

We are responsible for our consultancy, you are in charge of your decisions. Your future in business is determined by your decisions right now. We will advise you so that your future is as fortunate as possible.

We offer complex advisory services in auditation, taxation, enterprise, accounting, HR including wages and transactions. The success of our clients is the ultimate goal

New group of consulting companies – No. 5 on the Czech consulting market.

Brands are changing, people remain!

We have become a part of a newly emerging group of consulting firms on the Czech market creating the fifth largest advisory group in the Czech Republic.

In May 2019, we teamed up with BDO Tax, BDO Accounting, BDO Appraisal services and BDO Legal. The result of this merger is a joint team of approximately 200 highly professional experts led by 14 partners. This fundamental change on the Czech market was the first step in the ongoing expansion of the group of which we have become a part. This merger was strengthened by other entities during 2019.

Partners, managers and consulting teams remain the same. It is the brand and the international network of cooperating partners which are changing and which we want to be a part of.

Fučík & partneři

Since 1994 Fučík & partneři, s.r.o. (formerly Fučík & Fučíková a partneři, s.r.o. ) has helped nurture the development of its clients’ business activities. The company’s combined knowledge, skill and experience in all areas of consultancy, accountancy and taxation have been the foundation of its success over the years and are its greatest asset today.

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